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Ashley Tisdale’s Porn Magazine Interview

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Wow!  I admit I was shocked at what I read in this page ripped from a porn magazine I… uh well I mean a colleague of mine, saw recently.  It features our perky blonde actress form High School Musical sitting on a couch naked, with her legs spread open and with Ashley fingering her pussy!  I was open-mouthed with shock, and then I quickly recovered and started jacking off.  Well, wouldn’t you when faced with a dirty pic of your celeb idol in such a perverted, horny pose like that?  And then there’s the excerpt of the interview that came with the photo (which also demonstrated Ashley probing her pussy with some sort of dildo.)

WWD: So if I wanna rub my balls on your forehead that’s cool?
Ashley: What?
WWD: Nothing.
Ashley: Oh I heard what you said!  I guess it would be kinda weird, but sure. (Ashley kneels in front of me)  So.  I’m here, your dick is there, inside your pants, all hard.  Wanna throat me and rub your balls on my forehead?
WWD: Can I fuck your butt afterwards?
Ashley: If you’re good.

Mmmmm…  You can imagine what comes next!  Man I wish I was the guy who did that interview (and Ashley Tisdale too!)  Check out the details of what I’m talking about on this Ashley Tisdale nude site and get ready to cream in your pants!